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About The Brand Room

We love brands. We love brands so much, we created a room.
The Brand Room.

The Brand Room is a new brand management bureau who loves to live the brand. We believe in honest and friendly brands that keep their promises and who live up to our expectations.

A brand is lived by those who can recognise themselves in the beliefs, objectives and lifestyle of the brand. Contact The Brand Room if you are interested in becoming a leading brand.

We will give you your exclusive key.

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Vol = vol? - - The Brand Room

We hebben voor dit jaar weer een paar mooie opdrachten en dat betekent dat we ons tijd goed gaan besteden aan een paar hele leuke projecten!

Dat betekent ook dat we nu tijdelijk geen nieuwe opdrachten meer aannemen :(

Wel blijven we beschikbaar voor advies en zijn we goed voor een groot aantal branding tips & tricks en lekkere koffie!

Wil je toch heel graag binnenkomen bij The Brand Room, dan kan je altijd even bellen of mailen :)

North Face use of font - - Elaine Ching

northface advertisement

North Face in China – Loving the use of font - - Elaine Ching

Early April 2012 I went to visit my friend in Beijing for business related purposes and I got to meet with the city for the first time. And I loved it! To go from one appointment to the next I took the subway to get where I was heading next and like most subways, it was coloured by advertisements. I usually find them all generic just like the ads here in Europe, but one ad absolutely captivated me. Not only because of the photography skills, but moreover because of the use of font.

Given the nature of Chinese characters and that each line has its own order and stroke movement, it asks for a whole other level of creativity for thinking up new funky fonts. North Face nailed it and it made their ads twice as interesting.

For those of you not familiar with Chinese characters, writings or fonts, it might strike you as same difference. However if you were to compare the use of different fonts used in Roman writing, you will instantly see how little variation is offered for Chinese characters. Because first and foremostly, especially in small print, it needs to be legible and that is difficult to manage when one character can have up to 10 strokes.

That is why the font of the North Face ad immediately drew my attention because it took a popular font-style for Roman writing and managed to convert it for Chinese characters. It might not mean much to most people, especially for those who use the subway everyday or for those who aren’t particular interested in fonts, but this I believe is the work of someone really really creative.

northface advertisement

Search. Find. Contact us. - - The Brand Room

Welcome to The Brand Room.

You’re probably wondering how this website works and who’s in The Brand Room.¬†Well, it’s pretty simple and the next couple of minutes are going to be fun :)

Our website works as a presentation and research tool. You can find all of our work and on-going research by using the search bar.

All the brands that we love and dislike are in The Brand Room.
All the brands whom we work for and wish to work for are in The Brand Rroom too.

And all you have to do is search by keyword or brand name. And all related posts will appear and you can scroll up and down to find the post of your interest.

To kick off your search, start by searching ‘Apple’.

Have fun!

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